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 The Nonconformist Chapel in Rivington, Lancashire:

Rivington Unitarian Chapel including its early registers

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Copies of all the publications are also available for purchase in the chapel when it is open for services.

There are currently four publications available to purchase. These have been produced by members of the Rivington Chapel Trustees. These are:

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 Rivington Chapel

Memorial Inscriptions

Transcribed by:

M Rostron and M Hough

Rivington Chapel Trustees Minutes

 Rivington Chapel

Trustees Minutes

August 1859 to March 1955

Transcribed by:

M Rostron and M Hough

Rivington Chapel Registers Rivington Chapel Memorial Inscriptions Rivington Recipes

 Rivington Recipes

This booklet was produced for the Chapel tercentenary in 2003

This is a reprint of the original booklet