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Rites of Passage

Weddings, Naming Ceremonies and Funerals can all be held in our beautiful chapel. For further details see here

Recent and forthcoming ceremonies in the chapel




Sat 19 August

Naming Ceremony - Harley James Allen

Wed 16 August

Wedding - Deborah Clarke and Michael Williamson

Sun 25 June

Naming Ceremony - Hollie Isla Walker

Sat 10 June

Wedding - Jody Denver and Daniel Ashmore

Fri 2 June

Wedding - Marge Ainsley and David Bradshaw

Sat 20 May

Wedding - Lisa Carroll and Ian Reid

Fri 5 May

Wedding - Jacqui Lithgoe and Tim Kershaw

Sun 30 April

Naming Ceremony - Rory Elliott Fillingham

Sun 19 Feb

10th Wedding Anniversary Blessing - Win and Leighton Jones

Sun 5 Feb

Naming Ceremony - Arthur and Archie Lane

Wed 11 Jan

Naming Ceremony - McKenzie William Greenwell


Sun 4 Dec

Naming Ceremony - Luca Brandwood

Sun 20 Nov

Naming Ceremony - Leo George King

Sun 6 Nov

Welcoming Ceremony - Huxley, son of Tania & Steve

Sat 3 Sep

Wedding - Sarah Alice Louise Draper and Karl John Firth

Sun 10 July

Naming Ceremony - Eira Louise Mansell Llywd

Sun 19 June

Naming Ceremony - J.J Tommy Tomlinson

Sun 5 June

Naming Ceremony - Ethan James Stephen Culshaw and Helena Wendy Lynne Culshaw

Sun 17 April

Naming Ceremony - Theodore Michael John Dean