Minutes and Reports

The day to day running of Rivington Chapel is led by a congregational committee which is elected each year at an Annual General Meeting of the Chapel members.

The upkeep of the fabric of the building is the responsibility of the Rivington Chapel Trustees – a registered charity.

The AGMs of both bodies are usually held in March each year.

Minutes of the AGM of the Congregation
2016 AGM
2017 AGM
2018 AGM
2019 AGM
2020 AGM
2021 AGM
2022 AGM
2023 AGM – draft

Annual Reports of the Rivington Chapel Trustees
2017 (presented at the 2018 AGM)
2018 (presented at the 2019 AGM)
2019 (presented at the 2020 AGM)
2020 (presented at the 2021 AGM)
2021 (presented at the 2022 AGM)
2022 (presented at the 2023 AGM) – including new constitution